A few essential buys!!

Well I have been what can be described as non existent on the blog front recently!! I have been somewhat absorbed with the hand stitching of hexi’s to make flowers. I had intended on posting some pics of the beautiful hot cross buns I made at Easter courtesy of some inspiration from the great British bake off Easter special!! However I deleted the photo by mistake and they had all been scoffed by then!!

We have also been Away to the beautiful city of York for a family break, and although it’s all been very focused on the kids I did manage to fit in a big of crafting retail therapy!!


Yes that’s right the book to accompany the series great British sewing bee bee, which I’m already addicted to!! Also some beautiful tana lawn from a wonderful little shop grace and jacob which I intend to use for a tea dress and finally some gorgeous paper to decoupage a nest if tables I found in the local charity shop!! So hopefully quite a few more projects to follow.

I will leave you with a picture of my daughter with her submarine, made at one of the family activities today at the Nottingham contemporary.



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