A week of new challenges

It is the first week the kids are back at school and preschool and life is resuming it’s normal ebbs and flows. I gave up on resolutions a few years ago, but in there place have decided at the beginning of the new year to set a few challenges. One of the first ones is a crafty one…. To complete THE quilt by my mum’s 65th in june!!!


The one above, a few hours have been spent working out how many types of what hexi I need and as I write this a pile of card hexi’s part cut is sat next to me!!

I also have decided to try free motion quilting, and for that I need a quilt top, for which I have finally broken into a half jelly roll which has been lying around for an age. The quilt top is made, but is has been a learning curve…. I realised after cutting out all the side pieces I didn’t have enough fabric…aaagghh! It has been resolved after lots of cursing.



Other challenges include trying to spend more time doing things with the kids rather than the mundane daily tasks. It seems to be working well so far and seems to have decreased tensions within the house, and has had the added bonus of them playing and doing other activities independently once I do need to go something. It is early days but I will keep posting about how it goes.

Finally the biggest challenge is to do something I am not so keen on…. Cycling whilst improving my health and raising money for charity so I have agreed to do a 30 mile cycle ride at the end of feb, better get on my bike then!!


2 thoughts on “A week of new challenges

  1. Wow……. you’ve been busy with that quilt top – good luck with the FMQ-ing. Looking forward to see the hexies in progress xx

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