A review of what I want to achieve from blogging.

Wow I can’t believe it has been nearly a month since my last post.  Although I started 2014 with best intentions of blogging regularly about my projects I seem to have lost my mojo and have thought that I really didn’t have much to post about.  Nothing really has been happening on the sewing front….I suppose you could say there has been a hiatus.  However while sat filling photo albums with the kids this afternoon, it gave me time to reflect that I have been up to quite a lot and maybe that should be my goal for this blog, to keep record of the things I do so that I can look back on it when I am having those moments feeling like I am just plodding along!!!

I have been up to an awful lot this month, one of the major things is working with a lovely group of ladies from the WI I attend, The Bingham Belles, in planning what we would like to do for this years Bingham Town Fair.  Last year we had an amazing time running “The Great Bingham Bake Off & The mini Bingham Bun Off”.


It was bloody hard work for all involved but wow, what a reception we had from the local community and we all feel very isprired to make it bigger and better this year.  I can’t give too much away but watch this space!!

Talking of the WI, I have been involved with the Bingham Belles since their inception, and have been very lucky to be it’s first presider.  However after 2 years I have made the decision to step down from this post as I think it’s time for new blood and ideas.  I am going to stay on with the committee but am looking forward to getting more involved in campaigning.  Our first idea for this year is to do something to highlight International Women’s day on 8th March, here’s a taste of what we may be up to…http://softergloucester.wordpress.com/tag/international-womens-day/

I am involved in the local guiding movement and am a Rainbows leader.  It is such a rewarding job, despite it being exhausting at times.  It has been lovely to be involved in the girls first forays into Guiding and it is great to think they we may be part of igniting their passion too continue on with it for many years to come.  We plan loads of great activities for the girls and I have realised it would be great to blog about that here as well.  Recently we celebrated Chinese New Year and as it was Year of the Horse we got the girls making Horse bookmarks.

IMG_1873 Here is a picture of my Bean holding hers, which is being put to great use in her library reading book she is reading.  The idea for it came from this great website: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/hobby-horse-bookmark and I not only used it for my  Rainbows but also as an activity with my childmindees!!

Which I suppose brings us onto the final thing that has been taking up a large chunk of my time and though processes over the past month.  I love childminding, especially the element of working with kids using a variety of mediums to explore their own creative and to provide a varied learning environment for them.  I had considered giving it up when Flump goes to school in September but I think I will miss that interaction with kids on a daily basis and so I have decided to carry it on.  I think the blog will be a great way of tracking the activities I have done with the kids and may provide me with inspiration when I can’t quite get my brain into the zone.  Our most recent outing to Whisby Nature Reserve for Nature Tots…. They meet on the first wednesday of the month at Whisby Nature Reserve and there is an short activity indoors, followed my time outdoors exploring, followed by further activities indoors and a culpa for the grown ups.  Flump and the little girl I mind loved it and I think it will become a regular part of our monthly activities.

So I suppose looking back on all that I shouldn’t perhaps be so hard on myself for not getting so much sewing etc done. And it has given me a real focus on what I can blog about in the future:

  • I am going to keep an account of the goings on of the Bingham Belles…it may prompt me to take over the blogging on their own wordpress account as this is something that has gone by the wayside.
  • I am going to write weekly about Rainbows and childminding activities we have been doing, hopefully
  • And when I get time I may add in other bits about hints I am doing in the family and for myself.
  • Finally I am going to stop putting too many expectations on myself to complete sewing projects etc and just enjoy them for what they are…my hobby!!

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