A suitable storage solution for a mound of lego!!

Flump seems to be accumulation lego at a rate of knots and it is getting quite difficult keeping it all in one place, some lives in the original boxes, others bits in a box in the bottom of his toy chest and the rest lurks in his carpet waiting for unsuspecting bare feet to  step on it!!  So I decided to investigate possible storage solutions, the lego boxes look fantastic but they don’t alway offer the scope to separate all those fiddly little pieces!  Then one evening the Hubster commented that his old tool box was sitting empty and lonely in the Garage and maybe that would offer a potential solution…the intern trays were broken but the little storage boxes on top were still intact and there was enough space inside for the boards and larger pieces.

Last night the box emerged from the garage and was given a thorough cleaning…the dust and grime in the bottom was quite spectacular.    And so this morning Flump and I embarked on a day long task of transforming it into something worthy of a lego fiend of a boy….First we sanded down the outside of the box to provide a key for the paint to be applied…


Next a trip to the shop on the way home from gymnastics to purchase paint….we went for Plastikote in Gloss mediterranean blued,which provided a quick and easy coverage.


I have to admit that I kept Flump at arms length while spraying took place, I didn’t fancy being covered in it for the school run, and although we are planning to redo the garden this year, I don’t think blue grass would have gone down so well!

After school pick up, the three of us spent a pleasant half hour or so stick pictures I had gathered of Lego onto the side of the box, I did have to try and stop my control freak escaping, and really tried to let the kids have a fairly free reign with sticking the pics on…I must confess I did add some final ones to neaten it up a bit.


Flump is ever so proud of it already, and all that is left to do is apply two or three coats of Yacht varnish and to sort the lego out and get it into misbrand new home…a job for a rainy day I feel.


3 thoughts on “A suitable storage solution for a mound of lego!!

    • Have to admit part if is it for my own satisfaction…. I enjoy building with Lego as much as the kids but get frustrated not being able to find all the bits…. There are some amazing ideas on Pinterest.

  1. Ooh I may have to steal this idea. Little man keeps taking the lid of his duplo and lego boxes, turning the containers upside down and using them as steps and he never puts the lego back in! This could be a good solution! No wonder Flump is proud, it looks fab!

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