Rainy Day Cookies

It has truly been a day for snuggling up indoors and gathering different materials together for some rainy day activities, thankfully there was a break in the weather for the school pick up this afternoon.  I have been childminding a little girl today as well as having flump at home, so after the morning gale blew us back from school we got down to business of making cookies ready to ice after tea this evening.  I used this great recipe from amummytoo for Valentines cookies, don’t they look enticing.  I had made a few yesterday evening but decided to let the kiddies have free reign this morning with their designs for cutting out.


Here is Flump with his contribution.  The dough itself was fantastic to make and really easy to handle, and seemed to withstand overworking by little fingers!!  When it came to decorating them this afternoon I decided to go for the writing icing and marshmallows which always seem to go down well with the little un’s.


Bean with her’s which she lovingly decide to give to me…..I’m quite glad her brother decided to keep his to himself after licking the marshmallows before putting them on.


Here was my attempt from last night..I used ready roll icing coloured with food gel to cover the cookies, and then used the writing icing to finish two of them off, and spent a considerable amount of time stamping out tiny hearts to decorate the other – I even enlisted the hubster in this task!!  Unfortunately the remainder of these were knocked all over the floor by unwielding limbs, and the biscuits which I had left on the side for as a nice surprise when the hubster got home tonight were sampled by one of our lovely felines who has a partiality for sweet things , and who has now been banished to the utility room.

However despite the chaos that it can cause I do find baking a  great activity, even with kids.  It helps soothe the soul, is great for bringing everyone together in one task, can take as long as you like and just lets everyone release their inner creativity.  It’s always great to see the different designs that the kids come up with and no two are ever the same!!


3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Cookies

  1. Yay they look fab – and I can vouch that they taste fab (although now I’ve heard that lots of snotty fingers and coughing were added to the mix I am beginning to feel a little queasy!!) x

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