Girls Shirred summer dress

A lovely evening was spent on Wednesday at my lovely friend, Tanya’s house for our monthly stitching it together with the great girlies Moira and Lizzie. It was blowing a holy outside, but there was lots of fun and laughter and we decided to add a bit of sunshine to the gloom by deciding to have a go at making a shirred girls dress using this great tutorial from Jorth.   We sometimes try and have a single thing we can all try out, we have done invisible zips, quilt as you go and made these wonderful bloomers!


The dress is really simple and we all managed to get the majority of a dress made up with just the finishing off to do.  Shirring can take a little practice and can mean some finding around with your machine, but this great shirring tutorial from Flossies teacakes has really helped.


I happened to make mine a little short but Lizzie had the great idea of adding a contrast panel to the bottom and matching patch pockets which have worked brilliantly and Bean is incredibly happy with the outcome.  Although keeping her still to try and take a photo was incredibly difficult.  I think she likes swirly dresses so my plan is to make a proper twirly dress using this here material:





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