Half Term Fun

Today is the first day of the half term and it was such a lovely feeling not to have to rush to get up and to get out of the house for the school run.  Instead we have had a great day filled with some planned activities and quite a dash of spontaneity.  After languishing around in bed and a breakfast of pancakes, I decided to give the kids a load of empty boxes that I have been collecting for childminding purposes, and allowing them to use their imagination to make whatever they liked.


It all started off fairly sedately needing quite a bit of input from me, but once they got into it Bean and Flump had a whale of a time, made a substantial amount of mess and came up with some great things.

IMG_1966 Bean made a rocket, she is quite keen on the space theme at present.  Flump’s started out as a space vehicle, then a rocket and is currently a dragon!!


A few hours were then spent in Bingham, visiting the local library to accumulate more books.


Having the six weekly haircut at our great little local salon Enhance– Flump is surprisingly good at sitting still and seems to enjoy being preened, although the mint at the end may be part of the reason why.


Having lunch with friends. Then the kids and a couple of their friends transformed the market square and the Buttercross into a dragon’s lair and spent a good hour playing, it was great to see their imaginations come to life.

It may not have been a day of exciting outings but sometimes it is just great being in the home space and exploring our local area….there is plenty of time later in the week for exploration further afield but for now we shall just settle down with a good movie and a hot chocolate.


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