Button Bouquet

IMG_2215Last Saturday I skulked off for a trip out with my friend Tanya to Nottingham Does Vintage at the Playhouse.  While there were plenty of children there it was great to have some child free time and focus on the goodies available rather than worrying too much about what mischief the sticky fingers of my two were up to!!  It was a great little fair, and at only a £1 entry was a bargain day out.


There were stalls with some amazing vintage clothes and accessories, the sort I always dream of wearing but never seem to have the confidence to do nowadays!  There was also a great little workshop run by Rachel at The House that Buttons built.  It was incredibly popular but we were quite happy to chat over coffee waiting to have a go.  The mini workshop involved making button posy’s….a fantastic and incredibly stylish alternative to a more traditional bouquet of flowers and also as a great keepsake for a wedding.



We had the chance to make 5 flowers from an incredible array of buttons – I didn’t get any photos, but it was swoon worthy! Rachel who runs the workshops was incredibly patient despite how busy it was and gave us brilliant instruction on what we needed to do.  I purchased one of her button kits in order to finish off my bouquet at home that was destined to be a friends birthday preset.






It is a great little craft and one that I have managed to do with my kids this afternoon.  They enjoyed choosing piles of buttons from the selection I had and loved the whole process needing only a little help with the twisting and cutting of wire.  A great way to spend a spare hour.  Rachel is also running workshops which can be found on her Facebook page.



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