Knitting a frenzy for International Women’s day.

iwd_squareWell I’m not sure where the time has gone as I have realised I haven’t blogged in for nearly 2 weeks!!!  There have been numerous things going on round these parts, charity bike ride…I will post about that another day.  There has also been some sewing and other crafts going on but the main focus of my spare time has been knitting or crochet ready for a spot of Yarn bombing yesterday morning.  It was organised by the Bingham Belles which I am heavily involved in, in order to help celebrate international Women’s day and bring some awareness locally to this annual event.  The theme this year was Inspiring Change. It is about celebrating the achievements of women in social, political and economic areas, but at the same time recognising that their is the need for continued advocacy of women’s issues. 

IMG_2370 IMG_2375 IMG_2376 IMG_2380

We chose to yarn bomb as a way to change the appearance of the local landscape in the hope it may cause people to stop, look and consider international women’s day and what it means.  We were up with the larks on Saturday morning to adorn our market place with all the wonder flu knitting and crochet that had been done by the lovely belles.  The whole process of meeting with the other women to place the items around the market square felt incredibly empowering and liberating, and there was a definite buzz despite the bitter weather.  It was amazing to stand back and to admire what everyone had achieved and to sit in the cafe overlooking the market square and watch Bingham come to life and peoples reactions to it.  I popped down to the market square a couple of times during the day and it was great to see people taking notice of it.  It was especially heartwarming talking to some of the mums who were with their daughters admiring the work but also chatting about international women’s day and what it means.  We also left little notes to ask people to take some of the items home and give to an inspiring woman in their life.


It may not have been on the large scale that other yarn bombing projects but it achieved what we hope it would, and you never know next year we may go bigger!!


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