Science and rocks!!

IMG_2499I haven’t posted on here for a couple of weeks, it’s not been intentional, I think I have just been carried along with the ebb and flow of day to day life.  However all has not been quite, it rarely is in this house, and we have been up to some exciting things.  One of the great things we have done was to take part in the British Geological Survey’s family fun day, supported by Rockwatch as part of the science and engineering week.


We weren’t sure entirely what to expect and whether it would have been appropriate for Bean and Flump, but we had nothing to worry about, there was something there for all of us.  There was the introduction to prehistoric animals,  we came home with our very own sea scorpion, thankfully not life size as I has never realised that they gee to 2.5m!! and then there was the display of fossils, the mammoth’s femur bone was quite impressive, but the kids were far more captivated by the fossilised dung!!   One of Bean’s particular highlights was sifting rocks and the discussion of how the process of erosion causes the large rocks to become sand.  There was also much bouncing up and down on the floor to demonstrate the vibrations felt to detect earthquakes and demonstrations to show how carbon dioxide is captured and stored as part of the fight against climate change.  We didn’t get chance to have a go at all the activities, and felt that some of the talks may not have been great to sit in with kids.  However it was a fantastic day and highly recommended for all ages – there really was something for everyone.


Following on from our visit I decided to continue with the theme of science at home with my childminder’s and my own kids, and came across an array of science experiments on Pinterest (my new fave!!)  We had great fun in the garden making our own volcanoes.   We also had a go at a cloud experiment  – the kids loved this especially using the squirty shaving foam to make the clouds and adding the food colouring to show how rain comes through.  The kids have loved every minute of it and it has lead onto many other explorations and discussions about science and the world.IMG_2462



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