Three little pigs ballet….and a bit more

IMG_2584After a week of being stuck at home and around our local area due to a bike accident last weekend, it was great to get out yesterday with the kids.  We had tickets booked to see the Northern Ballet’s performance of the Three Little Pigs at Leicester curve, and decided to make a full day of things with a train journey there, I always forget how exciting this in itself is for kids.  They not only love looking at the passing landscapes but the train was transformed into a space rocket and a submarine, all in the space of a 30 minute journey!!



We love going to The Curve in Leicester, it is a fantastically thought out space, with room to roam and explore, and provides a great insight into the workings of the theatre, often with the behind the scenes and costumes on display.  They are also very good at organising events to celebrate local artists and groups, and this week they are hosting the inside out festival.  It is a celebration of comedy, drama, music, dance and acting from within the local area.  As part of t his they had numerous activities on for the kids, including make your own miniature gardens and the chance to sing in a choir supported by a member from the Kaine Choir.   The kids loved this and it really enhanced our day, and gave us ideas to try out at home, and opportunities that we wouldn’t normally have.  We also realised that Flump loves being in the limelight and has natural star ability…ahem!!! I thought I had videoed his rendition of I Believe I can fly, but unfortunately not, as it would have been a good one to pull out to embarrass him in future years!!


The Ballet itself was amazing, a true interpretation of the original story and a great introduction to the ballet for children. It was really simple with not too much elaborate dancing, and focused a lot on expression and movement to tell the story.  The accompanying musicians were also great at showing how music can portray a story, and demonstrate mood and feelings. The kids were enthralled throughout the 30 minute performance and loved talking about it afterwards and re-enacting the story.


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